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  1. lecture theatre


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    • 不好意思請指教我的文法...10點

      ...應該改成: The situation maybe is in the movie theater. People should turn off the cell phone when they ...classroom. It should be a quiet place so people can hear the lecture clearly. 希望這對你有幫助 ^_^ 2005-11-16 22:38:57 補充...

    • 自傳 英文翻譯

      ..., the spot meal, to deliver meal, cleans up the theater box. The administrative assistant, reorganizes the... book, the manufacture to attend class the printed lecture, the table sign, customer material key, to receive sending...

    • 急徵翻譯體驗行銷句子 的高手(贈20點數)

      Blackfriars 劇場包含所有四杉木和Gilmore's 經驗的維度。在娛樂領土, 戲劇的表現提供核心, 但被提高通過活前顯示音樂和可笑的公告。教育程式員譬如劇院的演講和遊覽用於擴展對Blackfriars 的歷史和戲劇性維度的公開理解經驗。由試圖創造地道伊麗莎白...