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    • being left-handed? 這個問題如何回答?

      ...可能保險一點 不過如果我是你的話 我會說 The advantage of being a left-handed is that the right side of brain recieve more stimulation than most of the right handed...

    • the elbows of left-hand這句的翻譯?

      ...是 "當...的情況/情形" 的意思,在此可省略不用 the elbows of left-handed people bump in others' elbow (in the case) when both reach their arm...

    • 兩個左撇子的英文

      left-handedness是由形容詞left-handed衍生的抽象名詞,指慣用左手的現象。 left-handed... a left-hander = a left-handed person, esp. a left-handed baseball pitcher 慣用左手的人(左撇子) 也指a blow ...