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  1. left luggage


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    • 英文文法選擇

      ...即可 2008-06-14 14:42:40 補充: 8.( ) At the airport, I was left ___ all the luggage. (A) carry (B) carried (C) carrying (D) to...

    • 飯店訂房 英文翻譯

      Is there any single rooms left for April tenth to eleventh and ... 11 and April 13, may I deposit my luggage at the lobby? (Is there any Luggage Deposit...

    • 行李員常用的英文句子有哪些?

      ...blaster.gif 請把行李放在秤台上。 Please put the luggage on the scale. 圖片參考:行李打包後有沒有放置在無人看管之處? Have you left your bags unattended at any time since you ...