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    left field
  1. left field


    • ph.
      【棒】左外野;局外的地位,外界(= leftfield)
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    • ph. 弄錯,驢頭不對馬嘴

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    • 想找新聞稿原文....(關於大聯盟)

      ...' patience 'a little short'Matsui back in left field; Sheffield gets day off in right this season, was penciled into the left-field spot by Torre, who said he didn't want...

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      ...例如互改作業的一種學習方式 to be out in left filed: 'In baseball, left field is at the furthest distance from the batter, to his left; [literally...

    • 內野和外野的英文?

      ...我看棒球的經驗在球場上只分三個防衛(defensive) 區:center field, right field, and left field...... 但,以整個球場而言: infield: 內野;指整個鑽石區(diamond) 由三個壘及...