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    • 右駕,左駕的英文怎麼說

      右駕:right-hand drive 左駕:left-hand drive 2009-08-01 22:19:54 補充: left-hand traffic 是表示靠左行駛,適用 right-hand drive 車種, right-hand traffic 是表示靠右行駛,適用 left-hand drive 車種。

    • 請翻譯高手幫我翻成英文

      ...there is noboby to cross the road at that moment, or that since there is no traffic from both right-hand and left-hand directions of the crossroad, they can thus run the red light! This...

    • 英文問路用法

      ...the third block, XXX will be 50 meters on your right/left hand side. b. Sure, you go pass three traffic lights then make a right/left turn, make a right/left at the next light, ...