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  1. legal clinic

    • n.
      a place where one can obtain legal advice and assistance, paid for by legal aid.
    • noun: legal clinic, plural noun: legal clinics

  2. 知識+

    • 英翻中 ..翻譯達人~~~請進入

      .... The procedure carries such a stigma here, they say, that whether legal or not, many women will seek out underground clinics to keep their condition secret from their friends and ...

    • 很急~~~請幫我翻譯以下幾句英文翻成中文(贈20點)

      ... for medical check up at private hospitals or clinics 協助和安排在私人醫院或診所做體檢。 assist...仲介像買屋或租屋的服務。 assist in getting legal assistant/advice. 協助獲得合法助理/諮詢。 assist...

    • 達人~~幫忙檢查一下吧!

      ...the friend and the family member knew, therefore finally or can seek the underground clinic the assistance. The support person said temporarily prearranges this...