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    • 請問這幾個英文句子

      1.If something causes me to tumble, let it be.I will be wrong if I am pronounced in the wrong. I will resign if I am pronounced to have resigned. 如果有些事會使我跌倒了,就讓他發生吧。如果我被誤解為是錯誤的...

    • 麻煩幫我改英文文法(十萬火急)

      ...名句 Super scientists in the CSI have great influence on thr legal medical experts(直接用你的說法) and criminals in the campus in the real world. "Don...

    • 請幫我將這篇文章翻譯成英文

      ...法官也不知如何宣判吧! 2007-11-03 13:44:15 補充: I am not the legal science expert, I did not know that this question has any solution; If...