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    • 英翻中 合約 一部分

      ... case any provision, clause or condition of this Subcontract is legally invalid, void or avoidable the validity of the remainder of the Subcontract shall...

    • 該怎麼用英文來解釋這句子

      ... not allow those things to be sold legally or to be seen in the country. However, the demand... that this is called the void (of the prohibited things) in this sentence...

    • 需要高手幫忙翻譯 [銀行保證同意書] 20點

      翻譯: 獲得銀行擔保的協議︰ 3.11 : 受益人能兌換他銀行適合銀行儀器的交付的最好性能協調,被需要; 但是總是在在呈交銀行儀器的發行日期之后60Banking天內, 在這時期之后,無論為任何問題受益人沒在時間的suchperiod期間交流什麼,Facilitator沒有責任或者...