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    lend a hand

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    • lend me a hand用法?

      是帮你. They lent me a hand during my school days. lend=present tense, lent= past tense. 在这里应该用 past tense, 因为是过去了的事。

    • loan 與 lend的差別及用法

      ...元給我。I neither lend nor borrow.我既不借出,也不借入。Please lend me a hand in lifting this desk.請幫我抬一下這張桌子。We will lend you all...

    • 請給我英文作文範本~題目有關”行善” 20點 4/1前給

      Lending a helping hand to people who are in need, is doing a good deed...believe human beings should help one another to make this world a better place. When you help someone, they thank you, and...