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    • 豹,美洲豹
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    • How about leopard?

      Leopard is a land animal. It can run fast and move fast too. It usually has beautiful pattern on its skin. Many people like this pattern and use it for clothes styles.

    • the leopard like to eat?

      題目修正後應該是: What kind of food do leopards like to eat? 豹喜歡吃什麼種類的食物? 答案如下 (The answers...

    • 英文 cheetah 和 leopard 有什麼不同?

      cheetah 是獵豹,眼睛到鼻子間有兩條黑線,不太會爬樹,跑得超快 leopard 是花豹,爬樹高手 這兩種大貓長相不一樣 有空多看動物星球頻道