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    • 請問這幾段英文翻譯

      1. Sexual inactivity is less likely among women with family incomes of $60... with hysterectomies were less likely to report lack of interest in sex and lack of desire than...

    • Impossible的比較級怎麼寫?

      ...比較不可能的" 的英文應是 'less improbable' 或 'less likely' 我從未在英國聽人說 less impossible (也到英國網站...可能 (發生) 的 相反詞 unlikely = 不太可能 (發生) 的 less likely to = 比較不可能去做某事 所以, 您的例句我改成...

    • 翻譯 and makes the action likely

      ...09 補充: 現在,讓我試著為這句英文加上幾個字: and makes the action less likely to trigger side effects. 同時減少此行動可能產生副作用的機率。