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  1. less than

    • ph.
      少於; 不超過
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    • ph.
    • 1. 少於; 不超過

      After less than one hour of exercise, she was not only hungry but (also) thirsty. 運動不到一小時之後, 她不但餓而且渴。

      The stationery cost me less than five hundred dollars. 這些文具花了我不到五百元。


    「少於; 不超過」的反義字

    • ph. 和...差不多

    • He is little less capable than his brother. 他的才能簡直不比他兄弟差。

    • ph. 與...一模一樣

    • It was nothing less than a miracle. 那完全是個奇蹟。

      His negligence was nothing less than criminal. 他的粗心大意無異於犯罪。

    • ph. 不少于

    • There are no less than 20 computers in the room. 這間屋子至少有二十台電腦。

      He has been studying geology for no less than ten years. 他一直在研究地質學, 已不下十年了。

    • ph. 與……一模一樣

    • It was nothing less than a miracle. 那完全是個奇蹟。

    • ph. 多達……

    • ph. 和……一樣地

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      ...有沒有其他的翻譯意見 > 因為是比較醫學課程要用的 所以不敢馬虎 "no less than" 跟 "no more than", "as much as" 一樣﹐表示同等的意思 "...