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    • might在中文裡常用來被翻成什麼意思呢?

      ...假如她年紀大一點,她就可能瞭解。 Used in auxiliary function to express less probability or possibility than may. (當助動詞用,表不太可能)或許可以。 例句: They might get there...

    • 高二簡單英文問題~

      ... endless nagging .So would you please shut up. fed up在這是什麼意思?原形是什麼? to feed up = to give someone more food than usual to make them stronger or less thin。這裡是被動,所以成了to be fed up。 意思...

    • 英文的the是什麼意思?

      ...的人或事物,也用於已談到的人或事物 例如:Please close the window. (請關上那扇窗) 可用於某些形容詞...某一抽象概念 例如:The young are less conservative than the old. (年輕人沒老年人那麼保守) 可以用於可...