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    let out a sigh

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    • Ramona and her father裡的問題

      ...前後文,可能稍有差異) 4. in no mood: 沒有心情 (去做.....事情) 5.Ramona let out a long,shuddery sigh,the closest thing to crying without really cryingRamona吐出...

    • 急~求助英翻中 ~課文翻譯

      ...breath. 那一兩秒是一震地寧靜,然後我聽到了她用力吸進了一口氣。 I let out a sigh of relief. She was alive. Then she moved. 我心裡地...

    • 英文翻譯-出自the soul of a doctor

      ...rdquo; "您的CT掃描顯示,你患有的不像是闌尾炎。" She let out a loud sigh,even managed to flash a smile of relief. 她發出了一聲響亮的嘆息,甚至...