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  1. let go

    • vi.
      鬆手; 忘掉
    • vt.
    • 釋義


    • 1. 鬆手; 忘掉 I let go, and the balloon floated away 我鬆開手,氣球飄走了 to let go of the rope 鬆開繩子


    • 1. 讓…離開 they let the hostages go 他們讓人質離開
    • 2. 放開 to let go the reins 鬆開韁繩 let me go! 放開我!
    • 3. 不再擔心 we'll let it go at that 這事到此為止吧 you must let the past go 你一定要忘掉過去
    • 4. 解僱 unfortunately, we have to let you go 很遺憾我們只能讓你走人