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    let go anchor

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    • 誰可以幫 我把 這首詩 ( 時間的河.....)翻成 英文

      很榮幸認識同學翻譯如下,請參考The river of time, wash and don't walk to precipitate of recollection, let go of the anchor man of the memory in think of of the season, let to remember fondly to pull in to shore.Pass my wish lightly敬祝學業猛晉達達 敬上

    • 誰能幫我看一下文法哪裡有錯? is for the simple reason that I want to go abroad to the poor countries to help the poor to live...for preparing to complete mygreat dream and be firmly anchored in reality, facing the next difficult to approach the tricky...

    • 故事劇本(中文翻英文)

      ...鏡頭轉向災難區〉 The anchor : “This is chung hsing youth news. We are going to insert the most updated... of victims. Let’s talk with them...