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    • happy birthday接for?

      ...right or wrong to use "for" or "to", but the situation it is in, for example: Let's sing "Happy birthday" to 朱仔昇 Happy birthday to ...

    • let.... in 後面可以加地點嗎?

      ...example by opening a door or making room for them.所以,let 某人 into / out of / through 地方:讓某人進入/離開...也是用google.com查詢,還是有不少人用 “let 某人 in 地方”。英語網站句子:… we are not to let...

    • 請幫忙我翻譯一下let me leave for 5days

      let me leave for 5days 讓我離開五天 darling,pls waitting right here 親愛的, 請在這裡等我 i want to visit a seamaid in blue blue water 我想去拜訪那住在藍海裡的美人魚 and bring the sunshine back 並且帶回那溫暖的陽光 only for you 只為妳