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  1. let sb. off the hook

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      【口】脫離困境; 免除煩惱
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    • 1. 【口】脫離困境; 免除煩惱 She was winning easily, but then she started to get careless and let her opponent off the hook. 她贏得很順利, 可是跟著就大意起來了, 對手轉憂為喜。
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      ... keep on driving me crazy 你駕馭我讓我瘋狂 Girl let me off the hook tell me 女孩 讓我脫離這困境吧 Said you need time 說你需要時間...

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      ...039;t make this happen. I will get you the blue thing the ─────── just let me off the hook just one time". Thank you so much, you have been a wonderful audience...

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      ... cages and the highest standard of care imaginable will not let it get off the hook. Strict liability also may apply in the case of certain manufactured...