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  1. let off with

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    • 1. 不加以嚴厲懲罰 She was let off with a fine instead of being sent to prison. 沒讓她入獄, 而是罰款了事。



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    • 幫我翻譯英文~「禮拜二要」

      ...a family reunion dinner as usual and then after dinner my sister and brother they let off the firecrackers with me also my grandparents they gave us the red...

    • CAUTION單字

      ... with caution. 爸爸開車一直十分小心。警告, 告誡[C]The policeman let the driver off with a caution. 警察向司機提出警告後就讓他走了。【口】令人發笑的人或物; 發噱...

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      ...person who likes to_____others is definitely not easy to get along with. (A)leave out 省去(B)let off寬恕 (C)pick on找某人的碴 (D)turn up發生、、、答案(C...