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  1. let oneself go

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      發洩熱情等;不再費工夫; 忽視自己的外貌或習慣
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    • 1. 發洩熱情等 The cowboys worked hard all week, but on Saturday night they went to town and let themselves go. 牛仔們整週辛苦工作﹐星期六晚上到城裡去放鬆一下。
    • 2. 不再費工夫; 忽視自己的外貌或習慣 He has let himself go a bit since he lost his job. 他自從失業以來變得有點邋遢了。
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    • 英文翻中文

      Don't let oneself regret , that will let oneself be lost and gone ahead to struggle against confidence. 別讓自已存有著遺憾,那將會讓自已提前失去信任和努力的自信。

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      One reason for the film's runaway success? That infectious Oscar-winning song that says it's okay to be yourself — in fact, let it go and belt it out from a snow-covered mountain top while you're at it. It's a message that has...

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