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  1. let out

    • ph.
      使出去; 使熄滅; 使流走;放寬, 放大
    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 使出去; 使熄滅; 使流走 She would not let her young son out on such a cold day. 她不讓她幼小的兒子在這樣冷的天氣出來。 Let the water out of the bath tab. 把浴盆裡的水放掉。
    • 2. 放寬, 放大 He turnd into an expressway and let the car out. 他把車開上高速公路, 然後全速前進。 He is getting so fat that his trousers need to be let out. 他胖得需要放寬褲腰了。
    • 3. 洩露 He accidentally let out that he hand been dismissed. 他無意中洩露出他已經被解僱了。
    • 4. 出租 It let out cars by the day. 它按天出租汽車。
    • 5. 襲擊 Be careful! That mule has a habit of letting out at people. 當心!那頭驢子會踢人。


    使出去; 使熄滅; 使流走


    「使出去; 使熄滅; 使流走」的反義字