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  1. let sb. in for sth.

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    • 1. 【口】使某人惹上(不愉快的事) You're letting yourself in for trouble by buying that rusty old car. 你買那輛生了銹的舊汽車是自找麻煩。
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      ... am ready for the school. 16. 和17...補充: 21.Bind sb to do sth: She bind 22.Bring in: This product bring...plan? 30.Check in: Let’s check in the hotel...

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      ..., I’ll set it up for you. 如果您想和 Jackson...這兩家公司的佈局手法迥異。 shake sb/sth up The new manager shook... team and brought in four new people. 新任經理對公司的銷售...

    • dress code, buckle down....等問題

      ...01:38:01 補充:  2) to bring sb up = [usually passive] to educate and care for a child until they are... born and brought up in Taipei.   例:他在...01:38:58 補充:  3) to bring sth up = to vomit 如果「帶上來...