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  1. let sb. out

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    • 1. 放過某人免受某事之累(尤指不愉快事) The teacher said only Janet, George and Sue were to be punished, so that let me out. 老師說只懲罰珍妮特、喬治和休, 因而饒了我。



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      ... my bad tooth out. take out on (sb.) 對某人發洩 They took out their resentments on each...they're birds of a feather. 一石二鳥 Let's send her home first and on...

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      ...瘋了 2. go through 經歷; 通過; 闖 (紅燈) 3. go all out 傾全力 D. give 1. give up V-ing 放棄 2. give sb. a ride/lift 給 sb. 搭便車 3. give way to 妥協 C. let 1. let go of 放手 2. let alone 不干擾; 更別說...

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      ... to=will take after=相像=look like make friends with sb.=跟某人作朋友(sb.是somebody的縮寫,可替換成其他名字) the other day=某一天 work out do me a favor=幫我個忙 let go=放手 知識+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------- turn on打開(電視...