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  1. let someone in

    • ph.
      admit someone to a room, building, or area
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    • let.... in 後面可以加地點嗎?

      ...let into/out of/through”If you let someone into, out of, or through a place, you allow... room for them.所以,let 某人 into / out of / through 地方:讓某人...com查詢,還是有不少人用 “let 某人 in 地方”。英語網站句子:… we are...

    • 拜託很急!!大家說英語單字問題!!另外還開點數給你快來看

      ...newspaper headline front page channel on 黑色字 flood wash aeay feel sorry 1/23 藍色字 letsomeonein international fighting national local accident 黑色字 Middle East...

    • Find a partner to talk in Eng.

      ... with you, except that I live in Canada..=P Oh yeah, I kind... of them..XP Well..let me know what you think. And good luck finding someone! ^^