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  1. let someone in on

    • ph.
      allow someone to know or share (something secret)
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    • let.... in 後面可以加地點嗎?

      ...rdquo;不讓他進教室”: I guess it's because I shut the door on him and wouldn't let him in the classroom. 2011-01-20 22:27:14 補充: ... the complaint, which maintains...

    • 英文介係詞題目

      Let’s get together __ at__ the beach. Let’s swim __ at__ the beach. last night? I was _ in (at)_ the bookstore. There’s someone knocking __ on__ the door. She likes to...

    • 翻譯+文法?題(英語/英文/教育學習/介詞類別)

      My boss was too hard ON me, so I sent in my papers and let thechips fall where they may. *be hard on someone 對.....嚴苛,刁難(某人) *to send in one's paper 遞出辭呈 2007-12-24 18...