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  1. let sth. out

    • ph.
      放寬, 放大(衣服等);發出(叫喊等)
    • 釋義


    • 1. 放寬, 放大(衣服等) He's getting so fat that his trousers have to be let out round the waist. 他越來越胖, 褲腰都得放寬了。
    • 2. 發出(叫喊等) She let out a scream of terror. 她發出恐怖的叫喊。
    • 3. 洩露(秘密等) Don't let it out about me losing my job, will you? 別把我丟了工作一事洩露出去, 行嗎?
  2. 知識+

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      out of 是基於.....的意思. 比如 out of curiosity. making love out of nothing at all 在這首歌的...'m never gonna make it like you do, making love out of nothing at all. 這是我對這首歌的理解. 2014-10-13 11:25:03...

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      ...挑剔like [as] a parrot鸚鵡學舌似地重复take aback使吃惊;使嚇呆 take after相似take out on向別人發泄自己的情緒 take over接任;接管;接收let sth. slide對某事漫不經心, 听其自然let things [it] slide听其自然on the slide...