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  1. lethality

    • KK[lɪˋθælətɪ]
    • DJ[liˋθæliti]


    • n.
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    • 致命率

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    • 有關這段 請大大幫忙看一下

      Anxious and observation on object of lethality and non- lethality heart attack related of number, compared with ages; marital status, blood pressure, smoking and other else that influence heart's cause still no change.

    • 我想翻譯這段英文劇本..謝謝! well as the world country. Yesterday in Gaoxiong, the acid rain lethality caused a statue the head to putrefy, now asks " PETER " we to...

    • 幫忙翻譯這篇英文文章~拜託!急!

      ... about more than 20 million human deaths. And alas, its lethality cannot be blithely attributed to wartime deprivation. For one...