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  1. letter

    • IPA[ˈledər]


    • n.
      a character representing one or more of the sounds used in speech; any of the symbols of an alphabet;an emblem in the shape of the initial letter of a school’s name, awarded to a high school or college student for achievement in sports
    • v.
      inscribe letters or writing on;classify with letters
    • verb: letter, 3rd person present: letters, gerund or present participle: lettering, past tense: lettered, past participle: lettered

    • noun: letter, plural noun: letters

    • 釋義
    • 片語



    • 1. inscribe letters or writing on her name was lettered in gold
    • classify with letters he numbered and lettered the paragraphs
    • 2. US be awarded an emblem, in the shape of the initial letter of the name of one’s high school or college, for achievement in sports juniors who lettered in soccer, basketball, or softball