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    • If you drive a car to the danger of the public, you are liable to great penalty. 你若開汽車使公眾受到危險, 你便可能受到很重的罰款。

    • ph. 易於,易患,動輒…

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    • liable toliable for的用法和意思?

      1. be liable to: likely to be affected by a particular kind of problem, illness etc [= be prone to] e.g. You're more liable to injury when you don't get regular exercise. 當所指意思是「易受...之患」時...

    • 《英文》形容詞-傾向於 to的用法

      .... predispose[ esp passive 尤用於被動語態] ~ sb to sth cause sb to be liable to sth 使某人傾向於某事物; 使某人易患某病: The inhabitants ...

    • 寫關於賭博的英文作文

      ... Human beings are liable to gamble for many reasons. The most common reason... losers will even commit crimes in order to win back what they have lost. Therefore, ...