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    • English translation~~ urgent

      ...針對文獻缺乏懲誡的處理方法:professional programs contrasted with liberal arts study 區別於一般文科類學習的專業課程analyzing difference in stakeholders...

    • 很急 幫忙翻成英文 我不要翻譯軟體的20點

      ...上班族忙著工作、主婦忙著做家事. Students are busy for their study , office workers are busy for their work and housewives...

    • 英文自傳翻譯(急)~20點喔!

      ...the personhood handle matters, and the body awakes I to want the liberal with frequently to pay, only will then have the repayment. 2. I have a younger brother, at present goes study the high school. 3. usually participates most often participates in...