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    • 中翻英文(要通順喔)15點急!!!!!!!!!!

      ... and keep the principle, good go to the employee's trust.Keep the liberal breadth of mind forever, would like to accept the standpoint, would like to also face the challenge and contrary...

    • 請文法高手幫我改文法

      ... should be required to study art and music because art and music can increase liberal art, cultivating their minds. Then, people can decrease their stress. Students should understand...

    • openmined 是什麼意思?????

      open-minded = willing to consider new ideas = liberal 一般是指一個人的心胸開闊,能肯接納不同意見的意思 但是這個單字,還得看上下文,才能決定其確切的解釋。