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  1. licensing authority

    • n.
      an offical body that grants licences
    • noun: licensing authority, plural noun: licensing authorities

    • 釋義


    • 1. an offical body that grants licences the bar had its late-night licence reviewed at a Licensing Authority hearing
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    • 高中英文,兩題的答案?

      ...動詞」 沒有authority concern這種說法。 Next step, you need to apply to the authorities concerned for license. 2. numerous是形容詞,與「複數名詞」連用,表示數目很多的意思。如: his...

    • 請用英文間單說明執照是什麼???20點

      License license, in public law, permission by legal authority to engage in certain acts and also easement in gross. In patent law, a license is a written authority granted by the owner of a patent to...

    • 英文連接詞的問題

      ... to the Better Business Bureau, or to the state licensing authorities." (正好後面又有一個 or 也是同樣用法)