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  1. licensure

    • KK[ˋlaɪsənʃʊr]
    • DJ[ˋlaisənʃuə]


    • n.
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    • 發給許可証

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    • Chinese teacher licensure Pro?

      It would be easier if you would call the universities administration. Or perhaps post this question to, even though it's mainly for high school seniors. I am pretty sure they will have some information or will be able to refer your question to somebody else...

    • 什麼是prelicensure studies?

      ...from the reassortant strain identified in a case of sibling to sibling transmission. Licensure:許可證的發給prelicensure:還沒得到許可證之前prelicensure studies:還沒得到...

    • ENGLISH HOMEWORK~help now!!

      ...instruction.回答內容限 2000 個字之內Teachers in all states require state licensure, which requires both substantial, practical field experiences and rigorous...