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  1. licks

    • lick的名詞複數
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    • licking 的意思

      licking pre-gummed strips 以前流行的郵票後面不是都有上膠(pre-gummed)嗎?那個要先舔(licking)才能有黏性。 現在郵局出的郵票很多都是像貼紙一樣,這種後面有上膠的郵票就比較沒那麼主流了。

    • 請幫幫我翻譯意下句子(一題英翻中)

      ...with the words :"with these two hands of mine, I can lick anybody in the world 他們當中的一員, 告訴了我一個不一樣的故事; 關於這個偉大...

    • 女孩的血液吸

      ... childhood, we always did wound licking as we did not have first aid kit at that...if you want to know. More informaiton about would licking: