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    lie in state

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    • 英文文法句型

      ..., History of the Florentine People, Bruni lies eternally in state. 頭戴自古以來象徵榮譽和勝利的桂冠, 雙手懷抱著他的著作-佛羅倫斯人的歷史...

    • 《急》關於亞特蘭提斯的翻譯~

      ... in fact than rice Buddhist nun, consist of two islands; Lie in place of 72 kilometers in the east in the coast of Miami in Florida State in the map. Kathy also mentions: ' a part of the continent than the rice...

    • 請英文高手翻譯下面的句子,謝謝。

      ... small in relation to the size of the state. 一.阿拉斯加州的人口少與此州本身的國土面積相關 二. in relation to 是"關於''的...分享 3.If someone's property lies in the way of highway, that means...