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    • 紫醉金迷的英文怎麼翻譯

      紙醉金迷 名詞用法: (a life of) luxury and dissipation; extravagant and loose life 例: After winning the lottery, he...

    • 下列英文的中文意思是?

      這是我的口語翻法你參考看看: 1. He lived the life of ascetic,for he abhorred self-indulgence and luxury. 他鄙視自我放縱及對物質欲望的追求,本身也過著如苦行僧般的生活. 2. careful...

    • staying together 的心得?~

      ... Italy BF with her prospect and an easy life, and a life of luxury ? ----They concluded a treaty with marriage. ----A true agreement...