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    • 句中compared to 的用法

      ...although languages change, they do so rather slowly compared to the human life span. 對吾人而言所幸的是,語言雖變化,但較諸人類壽命,它們變化得頗為緩慢...

    • 有關壽字的英文單字 and happiness 壽考 [shou4kao3], n., long life. 壽命 [shou4ming4], n., person's life span: 壽命不長 (will) die young. 壽母 [shou4mu3], n., (AC) aged mother. 壽屏...

    • 那位英文高手幫我看一下翻譯對嗎??

      ... under Resource Constraints and Resource Life-Span: In Case of Tool Machine Industry. 此處...