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    • 生活方式
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    • 請問consumers’ lifestyle(S) ??

      ...可以把這句子分成兩到三句?Our design is guided by consumer lifestyle. It integrates the upstream manufacturing and midstream...

    • Healthy Lifestyle 6題

      ...vegetable garden supply us with fruit mineral as well. (3)Keep a healthy lifestyle is by eating well and exercising regularlyThe ...

    • Lifestyle wear = ??服裝

      您列舉的例子都蠻好。How about “生活格調服飾” ? 其實,我的中文程度並不足以分辨“品味”和“格調”的差異:-) 2014-09-14 04:17:37 補充: Watakushi 建議用 “生活格調服飾”. 2014-09-14 06:42:36 補充: I did not know that the term came...