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  1. lift

    • KK[lɪft]
    • DJ[lift]


    • vt.
    • vi.
    • n.
    • 過去式:lifted 過去分詞:lifted 現在分詞:lifting

    • 名詞複數:lifts

    • 釋義
    • 同反義


    • 1. 舉起;抬起[(+up)] This box is too heavy for me to lift. 這個箱子太重了,我提不起來。
    • 2. 振作(精神);提高(聲音等)[(+up)] The good news lifted our spirits. 這好消息使我們精神振奮。
    • 3. 空運[O] Food is being lifted in by helicopter. 食品正用直升機空運進來。
    • 4. 【口】偷竊;抄襲 All the main ideas in the article are lifted from other works. 這篇文章的主要思想都是從其它作品中剽竊來的。
    • 5. 挖出(山芋等);拔起(秧苗等) School boys were hired to lift the potatoes. 僱用了學生來挖馬鈴薯。
    • 6. 解除(封鎖等) The authorities lifted the ban on swimming in this river. 當局解除了不許在這條河裡游泳的禁令。
    • 7. 償還 We lifted the mortgage on the house last month. 我們上個月付清了房屋的抵押貸款。


    • 1. 被提(或舉)起;升起 The window won't lift. 窗子提不起來。
    • 2. (雲,霧等)消散 The rain stopped and the clouds lifted. 雨過天晴。
    • 3. 聳立 The island peaks lifted above the horizon. 島上的山峰高聳於地平線之上。
    • 4. (地面)隆起


    • 1. 提,吊,升,舉[C] With a graceful lift of her hand, she dismissed him. 她輕盈地一抬手把他打發走了。
    • 2. 【英】電梯[C] He took the lift to the top floor. 他搭電梯來到頂樓。
    • 3. 順便搭載[C] He gave me a lift to the station. 他讓我搭便車去車站。
    • 4. 舉起之力[C][U]
    • 5. 【口】鼓舞;情緒激昂[S] The promotion gave her a real lift. 提升使她的情緒大為振奮。
    • 6. 吊車;起重機[C]


    vt. 舉起;升起;抬起


    「vi. & vt. 舉起;晉陞;提高」的反義字

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