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    lift the lid

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    • 煩請各位大大兩句的英文誰能翻譯呢?

      義大利選手透露出他在比賽中對席丹講的話,所以現在我們就知道為何席丹要頭搥他了。 lift the lid 打開蓋子 = 我將它引申為「透露」的意思!!

    • 三篇英文故事翻譯 a check, for he was afraid it was a bomb. When he carefully lifted the box lid, a dog pops out and scared them to death.

    • 請給我希臘神話一則~~

      ...and one day when her husband was away she decided that she would lift the lid just a little and peek inside. 還有 Part 10~ 2008-10-06 00:13:21 補充...