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  1. light

    • IPA[līt]


    • adj.
      of little weight; not heavy;deficient in weight, especially by a specified amount
    • 釋義
    • 片語
    • adj.
    • 1. of little weight; not heavy:

      they are very light and portable

      you're as light as a feather

    • 2. deficient in weight, especially by a specified amount:

      the sack of potatoes is 5 pounds light

    • 3. not strongly or heavily built or constructed:

      light, impractical clothes

      light armor

    • 4. carrying or suitable for small loads:

      light commercial vehicles

    • 5. carrying only light armaments:

      light infantry

    • 6. (of a vehicle, ship, or aircraft) traveling unladen or with less than a full load.
    • 7. (of soil) friable, porous, and workable.
    • 8. (of an isotope) having not more than the usual mass; (of a compound) containing such an isotope.
    • 9. relatively low in density, amount, or intensity:

      passenger traffic was light

      light summer breezes

    • 10. (of sleep or a sleeper) easily disturbed:

      I'm a light sleeper

      her sleep was light and fitful

    • 11. easily borne or done:

      he received a relatively light sentence

      some light housework

    • 12. (of food or a meal) small in quantity and easy to digest:

      a light supper

    • 13. (of a foodstuff) low in fat, cholesterol, sugar, or other rich ingredients:

      stick to a light diet

    • 14. (of drink) not too sweet or rich in flavor or strongly alcoholic:

      a glass of light Hungarian wine

    • 15. (of food, especially pastry or sponge cake) fluffy or well aerated during cooking:

      it was delicious, the pastry light and flaky

    • 16. gentle or delicate:

      she planted a light kiss on his cheek

      my breathing was steady and light

    • 17. (of type) having thin strokes; not bold:

      times shown in light type denote connecting services

    • 18. (of entertainment) requiring little mental effort; not profound or serious:

      pop is thought of as light entertainment

      some light reading

    • 19. not serious or solemn:

      his tone was light

    • 20. free from worry or unhappiness; cheerful:

      I left the island with a light heart

    • 21. (of a woman) having many casual sexual encounters or relationships.
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