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  1. light into sb.

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    • translation about E into C

      ...a pair of plastic disco sandals with battery-operated flashing lights in the 8 cm heels. 她有3000雙鞋子,包含一雙鞋跟有八公分高的塑膠跳舞...

    • 有關顏色的英文片語

      ...look black at sb 怒視某人。(= give sb a black look) not so black as one ...愚笨或沒經驗。 Give the green light 允許進行;示意進行。 have green...因困窘、害羞而)滿臉通紅。 get into the red 負債;有虧損。 in the red...

    • 請幫我翻譯英文片語和造句"急"!(15點)

      ... last week. 34.turn off/ on 關掉/開啟 I turned off/on the light last night. 35.used to過去慣常,以前習慣於 We used to grow...