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    light meal

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    • 英文高手請進 ^^

      輕食主義 light meal philosophy. You use "主義" is a little over-killed...if you really like it to be like "pessimism". Then you can say "light meal ism" 墨西哥捲餅 The most common word for it is "burrito"...

    • 請問『套餐』、『簡餐』、『餐點』的英文是?

      套餐:set meal 簡餐:light meal 餐點:meal 2006-10-16 21:28:21 補充: 簡餐也可以叫:light refreshment

    • 請問英文問題(急) 送10點

      ...sauce. B:It sounds good. But I prefer to have some light meals. A:Light meals? I suggest you that you could turn to the...