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    • 標準重量以下者
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    • Excellent is lightweight這句英文對嗎

      Excellent is lightweight. 就廣告要表現的重點,這是對的! 「Excellence is lightweight...形容 excellence,意思就變成「卓越這回事是輕的」,與廣告原意完全不符! 「Lightweight is excellent.」 這是廣告原來要表現的句子。 但 excellent 主要是講東西的...

    • 請問什麼是lightweight reality shows

      [請問什麼是lightweight reality shows? 主要是問lightweight在這裡應該如何翻譯?] lightweight...用語有些詼諧。我們就照這語氣來譯。 There are the lightweight reality shows with a group of contestants you wouldn...

    • 英文翻譯 急件 給20點 到明天早上6點

      Lightweight concrete is based on the general use of lightweight aggregate replacement ... countries in the early twentieth century began to produce lightweight concrete, and make for structural engineering and non-structural purposes...