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  1. like fun

    • ph.
      an ironic exclamation of contradiction or disbelief in response to a statement;vigorously or quickly
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    • 這一題文法要不要用like呢?

      ... interesting. = That sounds like fun.這一題的關鍵是fun這個字記得以前考試時....See usage note at funny (AMUSING).fun  adjective [before noun]enjoyable:There are...

    • 英文的片語解釋

      版大好: that sounds like fun 必須加s 在sound 後面 因為第三人稱單數 就是 "聽起來...禮拜. B: That sounds fun / That sound like fun. all gone 則有可能看狀況有不同的意思: 普遍翻成...

    • 幫幫我檢查英文文法~~ 急急急

      In my heart of hearts, I like fun, extrovert, tonguester and sporty person.  If you tedium...any of them, he may help you then.I don't like selfish and serious people.  A selfish person who always...