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  1. like that

    • ph.
      of that nature or in that manner;with no preparation or introduction; instantly or effortlessly
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    • like that online

      此句中的like為[介係詞:像] 而that為(指示代名詞:那) 中翻-> 我不常刊登像那線上遊戲的東西。

    • like that ~~~~~~用法 意思

      Why are you holding your face like that? 為什麼你要像那樣托著你的臉? like that 像那樣 like 是介系詞,後+N Why are you holding your face ? 為什麼你要托著你的臉?

    • 有關於something like that這句的用法

      ... or boating? A1-大概就像那樣吧! Something like that. Q2-「reluctant」這個字是甚麼意思? What does this word...