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  1. like wildfire


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    • 1. 很快地 The story spread like wildfire. 這件事很快傳開了。
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    • What's wrong with these young

      ... area of London and rumors spreading 'like wildfire' on the internet are thought to have fuelled further unrest in...

    • Paris Hilton 發的Blog 求翻譯 (第一篇)

      澄清流言 HI,各位,希望你們都過了一個美好的週末。再一次的,我又被我身邊的謊言嚇了一跳,我要們你們澄清這些謊言。我再也受不了Page Six跟其他八卦報社的不實報導。這些謊言就像是線上野火一般傳開來,人們會因為看了很多遍相同的故事就會開始相信它...

    • 翻譯文茜 世界周報

      ...異常 Japan and May has been like a summer Hokkaido temperature up to near 32 ... forest for three months in advance on Ling wildfire burning At least 1,000 people evacuated...