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  1. liked

    • like的動詞過去式、過去分詞
    • 相關詞
    • prep.
    • They are like brothers and sisters. 他們就像兄弟姐妹一樣。
    • n.
      同樣(或同類)的人(或事物)[the S][(+of)]
    • Have you even heard the like of it? 你聽見過這樣的事情嗎?
    • adj.
    • The brothers are very like. 這幾個兄弟很相像。
    • conj.
    • It was just like you said. 情況正如你所說的那樣。
    • adv.
    • vt.
    • She likes playing the piano. 她喜歡彈鋼琴。

      He doesn't like tomatoes. 他不喜歡吃番茄。

    • vi.[W]
    • You can do exactly as you like. 你愛怎麼做就怎麼做。
    • n.
    • The two sisters share the same likes and dislikes. 這兩姊妹有相同的好惡愛憎。
    • suf. (接在名詞之後,形成形容詞)表示像……的(如:manlike, doglike, bull-like)

    • n. 喜歡;愛好[U][S1][(+for/to)]

    • Most children have a liking for animals. 大多數孩子喜歡動物。

    • like的名詞複數

    • prep.
    • to be like sb./sth. 像某人/某物

      you know what she's like! 你知道她的為人了吧!

    • adj.
    • people of like minds 志趣相投的人

      eating, drinking, and like activities 吃喝之類的活動

    • conj.
    • do it like I do 照我的做

      you don't know him like I do 你不像我那麼了解他

    • adv.
    • the sequel is nothing like as good as the original 續集遠遠不如原作

      if it's anything like as cold as today ... 要是像今天這樣冷…

    • n.
      類似的事物; 類似的人
    • did you ever see the like (of it)? 你見過這種東西嗎?

      and the or such like 諸如此類

    • vt. 喜歡

    • the boss won't like it if you're late 你要是遲到,老闆會不高興的

      he is well liked by his colleagues 他的同事都很喜歡他

    • n. 喜愛

    • to take a liking to sb./sth. 對某人/某物產生好感

      to have/develop a liking for ... 喜愛/喜歡上…

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