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    • [急]婚禮菜單英文翻譯~~20點

      ...039;s fin with chicken 百合銀杏扒時蔬 Stir fry vegetables with lily bulb and ginko nuts 清蒸海石斑 Steamed sea bass 宮廷花雕蝦 ...

    • 誰能幫我把這篇復活節文章翻譯成英文?

      ... lately. The way that the lilies blooms after the bulb of lily rots under-ground was used to analog the revive after death...

    • 大蒜 the stinking rose

      ... family. Garlic is closer to a lily than a rose. So what is the origin of...possibility is that if looked at from underneath a bulb of garlic does slightly resemble a white rose. ...