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  1. limited company


    • n.
      a private company whose owners are legally responsible for its debts only to the extent of the amount of capital they invested.
    • noun: limited company, plural noun: limited companies

    • 相關詞
    • n.
      (in the UK) a company registered under the Companies Act (1980), with statutory minimum capital ...

    Oxford Dictionary

  2. 知識+

    • limited company 和 Corp.有何不同

      1. limited company 直譯為 有限(責任)公司,即公司的營運只以其所有的資產負擔有限的債務責任,最多到破產為止;相對的則是 無限責任公司 (unlimited company)。limited company 可縮寫為 Ltd. Inc. (Limited Incorporation...

    • 請問 公司名稱中翻英 怎翻

      ... Quan International Plastic Surgery, Limited Liability Company Yu Quan International Cosmetic Surgery...

    • 請問:Co., Ltd. = Company Limited

      1. Co., Ltd. = Company Limited, 還是 Corporation Limited? ---Co. Ltd.是Company...